Fristam Industrie’s “all-rounder” is the versatile VPS series featuring single flow technology in five different sizes. Pressures of 25 bar, transported volumes up to 350 m³ per hour and product temperatures up to 180°C in the standard range are possible in the standard configuration. An added bonus: It is easy to replace the seal with just four simple steps.

The advantages at a glance


  • Conveying elements run contact-free which means abrasion-free and safe to run dry
  • Transports non-lubricating or solids-laden products
  • Stable characteristic curve in the event of changing operating parameters, even with low flow rates
  • Trouble-free transport of low to highly viscous products (e.g. ethanol at 0.6 mm²/s or asphalt at 74,000 mm²/s)
  • Pressure and suction without changing pumps, capable of suction at only 2.5 m NPSHa
  • Gentle, virtually pulsation-free liquid transport without crushing or turbulence
  • Designs available in a wide variety of material combinations, in compact size, ATEX or TA Luft [Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control]
  • Empties residual content and has no cavities
  • Very broad rotational speed range and thus also transport spectrum possible

VPS figures:


Flow rate: up to 350 m³/h
Suction pressure: up to -0,85 bar(g)
Differential pressure: max. 25 bar
Viscosity: 0,3-1.000.000 mm²/s