The VPS Flow Pack is designed for higher volume flows and low to average pressures. The system is based on two standard VPS pumps connected in parallel powered by one or two frequency converters. Special attention was paid to ease of maintenance and operating safety during handling. If a pump fails during the unloading process, it is always possible to safely finish the process with the second pump, in other words with at least 50 percent of the pumping capacity. The important loading and unloading processes can always be performed safely.

The advantages at a glance


  • Conveying elements run contact-free which means abrasion-free and safe to run dry
  • Stable characteristic curve in the event of changing operating parameters, even with low flow rates
  • Trouble-free transport of low to highly viscous products (e.g. ethanol at 0.6 mm²/s or asphalt at 74,000 mm²/s)
  • Pressure and suction without changing pumps, suction performance up to 1-1.5 NPSHa
  • Gentle, virtually pulsation-free liquid transport without crushing or turbulence
  • Designs available in a wide variety of material combinations, in compact size, ATEX or TA Luft [Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control]

Flow Pack key figures:


Flow rate: up to 700 m³/h
Suction pressure: up to -0,85 bar
Differential pressure: max. 16 bar
Viscosity: 0,5-100.000 mm²/s