VPS screw pumps by Fristam Pumps Schaumburg are stainless steel or cast steel displacement pumps that are self-priming, safe to run dry and rugged. They are designed for pressure ranges up to 25 bar but can also be used in pressure ranges up to 50 bar. They are available in five different sizes. The pumps transport both volatile liquids such as petrol (short chain hydrocarbons) as well as viscous compounds like bitumen.

It is possible to position the suction and pressure connections in different ways. The single flow VPS technology is extremely efficient and, depending on the version, can be easily integrated into existing plant technology. Thanks to their design, individual components such as seals can be easily replaced in just a few simple steps, making these extremely efficient pumps very attractive: We strive for quick and simple repairs instead of complete replacement. Read more about the individual models on the following pages.

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