In the oil and gas sector, screw pumps are ideal for pressure boosting and for transporting crude oil, natural gas and their accompanying substances like reservoir water. As the conveying elements run without coming into contact with one another, they are best suited for transporting fluids of varying viscosity, with varying gas content and even ones that contain solids and portions of highly corrosive reservoir water.

Booster pump
(intermediate bores separator station)


For multi-phase mixtures, the pump must react flexibly to gas and liquid portions that change during the process as well as to the resulting fluctuations in pressure and viscosity. A multi-phase pump can lower the ascending pipe and bore hole head pressure by working against the differential pressure of the pipes connected to the separator station. This improves the flow properties of the crude oil from the oil carrier into the hole, resulting in an increase in production of approximately 20 to 25 percent. This technology contributes to a longer life span for all of the borehole equipment and can result in making decommissioned boreholes economically operational again.

Appropriate products:

Number of holes connected to the VPS (suction side): 3
Lift system: Borehole/piston pumps
Suction pressure (head pressure holes) 2 bar(g)
Discharge pressure: 3 bar(g)/15 bar(g)
Differential pressure: 9 bar
Capacity: -30 m³/day liquid
(80% oil, 20% water)
+4.000 sm³/day gas
Volume flow: 35 m³/h
Gas content: 92%
Temperature of the medium: 10-15 °C

Cut oil tank transfer pump


When transporting crude oil and reservoir water, the challenge for the pump is to do so at the lowest possible pulsation and shear so as not to mix the previously separated crude oil with the remaining reservoir water.

Housing: 1.4462
Feed screws: 1.4462

Appropriate products:

Temperature range: 40-50 °C
Viscosity: 1-100 mPas
Flow rate: 3-15 m³/h
Differential pressure 7 bar

Skim oil pump


When transporting petroleum, there are varying portions of reservoir water that should not be mixed with the oil. In the cut oil tank, the crude oil/water mixture settles, the reservoir water goes to the bottom and the oil rises to the top due to its density. The screw pump acts as a skim oil pump, gently suctioning the oil off the top and transporting it to the clean oil tank.

Housing: 1.4404
Feed screws: 1.4404
TA Luft [Technical Instructions on Air Quality Control]

Appropriate products:

Temperature range: 45 °C
Viscosity: 50 mPas
Flow rate: 1,5-5 m³/h
Differential pressure 6 bar