Single flow screw pumps are rotating displacement pumps and function with two interlocking, non-contact, feed screws. The rotation creates chambers that move from the suction to the pressure side, transporting the product – liquid, liquid-gas mix or predominantly gas (wet gas). In the process, the medium seals off the gap inside the pump. The size of the closed-off pump chamber is determined by the pitch of the feed screw. Due to the axial transportation, a very broad rotational speed range is possible – up to 10 times broader than other displacement pump technology.

The pump chamber is sealed off from the atmosphere by way of mechanical seals. Single flow pumps feature two seals which are positioned either on the suction or on the pressure side. They are usually pumps with one-sided bearings. The design is not hydraulically balanced and the bearing must compensate for both radial and axial forces. For this reason, it is crucial to have a reliable and durable bearings support design. The structure of the pump housing (wetted components) is kept very simple and the critical components can be accessed quickly and easily.


Features of single flow screw pump technology at a glance:

  • One-sided bearings
  • Broad rotational speed spectrum
  • Different feed screw pitches for all applications
  • Extremely good suction characteristics thanks to optimal NPSHa
  • Low pulsation and low shear
  • Flexible: Transport of diesel to heavy oil
  • Easy to maintain thanks to easy access to conveying elements and mechanical seals
  • Different housing materials


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